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The Pan Arcadian Federation of Canada prides itself in being and active member within our community and always willing to help.

Volunteer work done
continuously in
the community.

Dance lessons
provided to the youth.

Meeting place provided to our associations.

Always helping with fundraising for the greek community
and those in need.


Working on the PFC World Convention in Greece summer of 2024.


In the preface we talked to two remarkable achievements pou always th’apoteloun station in the annals of Canada Panarcadian Federation, that the Arcadian House and the Arcadian Village.

The following were the painful steps needed to P.O.K n’anevei n’apoktisei for what the heart of Danforth Avenue, Toronto, not only the Arcadians but all Greeks, today boast. The achievement is due, of course, the desire of the Arcadians and contribution of those who, apart from family and professional care, and care for society, especially one that is inextricably linked to their ancestral roots, the little society of their village , where for the first time but felt the beauty AND sorrows of life. Certainly, it was small and the help of friends of the Arcadians, as there was scant and gennaiodopia the Canadian Government.

We can not say that all the Arcadian sylogoi maintain a positive attitude towards the acquisition of Arcadian Property in Toronto. Among them were some leaders of the Association olokotronis is one of the oldest and historically P.O.K members and founding member of the Canadian Arcadian League (1963).


The Association shall, before the formation of various Arcadian Club, then say that the Arcadians and the Toronto area were organized into ethnotopikous syllongous, had become the umbrella Arcadians of Toronto and, unsurprisingly, the determinative role. But later, with the appearance of not a few Arcadian associations, the role of Kolokotronis slacks began, without this meaning that the Arcadians, who for many years were members, he kept afcharistes memories do not come in individual events of.


Arcadian Village

In one of the virgin shores of the Argolis Gulf, at the foot of Mount Parnonas, for some years now, we can see sprouted as an amphitheater, a new village in Greece, the Arcadian village, owned, particularly by the Arcadians in the Diaspora.
Eastwards the village overlooks the island of Spetses and tastes the fragrant breezes of the Saronic Gulf, northward the historic Nafplion and westward the imposing Mt. Parnonas with the dens of Pan and the nymphs of ancient Greek mythology, as well as those of the klefts of 1821

Arcadian Village.jpg

Sunsets and sunrises indeed create a divine atmosphere that is hard

to conceive human mind and hand to describe.The residents, most

of them Arcadians of Canada and fewer of the United States and other countries, we are sure that they are grateful of the Greek States for her generosity, a sample love and care for its immigrant children.

The visit of the Mayor at the City Hall of North York, next May, with his scheduled arrival in Toronto.
The meeting had a ceremonial rather “ethno cultural” character, but in the ensuing discussion a proposal that came from the mouths of both public officials, attracted our interest since, each side was deleastikli. This was the idea of establishing a village in Arcadia for its immigrated children.

Coming to Toronto, we reported the idea to the Board of the Panarcadian Federation of Canada who very enthusiastically accepted it, as was the same in the next Assembly. This was followed by many individual discussions between the Arcadians of Toronto for the and in the establishment of the village, and quickly found that there were many people who wanted a house in their birth place, to enable to live with then, briefly even as “Greek Canadians” and that would give them a temporary sense of “homing”. The idea began to be thought and slowly a dream and expectation.  It should be noted here that the participation in buying a home for any Arcadian was personal and therefore the Federation was interested in those people, members or not, who provided an active desire.

As we heard later, the idea of the Arcadian village had begun to be cultivated amongst the Arcadians of the United States, where a group of businessmen wanted the State to grant them land to build houses and then sell them at Arcadian Greeks, perhaps even to non Arcadians, a request or better, a “bold” claim which could not be accepted by the Greek State.
In the spring of 1986, by invitation of the P.F.C, the then Mayor of Tripolis Mr. Theodore Sechiotis with his wife Maria came to Toronto. They received a proper warm-welcoming.

It was the first time after many years that an Arcadian official visited a not so small hearth of his compatriots in the Diaspora. The couple Sechioti, took part in various Arcadian events, hosted by both the P.F.C. and the Association of “Tripolis”, they came in contact with several Arcadian clubs and spoke with their executive bodies about topics regarding their members birth place.

Also, the couple Sechioti visited the Arcadian Park owned by the Association “Kolokotronis” where they were impressed and saw old friends. Finally, he was invited to lunch by the mayor of North York, where he did not stop referring each time to the beautiful idea of establishing a village for Arcadians in the Diaspora, which would be the center of attraction, especially for future generations of Arcadians.

Gregory Niotis, although his lineage is not Arcadian, as Prefect of Arcadia he showed unusual interest in the issues of the region which he served and sincerely loved, he was the forerunner of the unity amongst the Arcadians of the Diaspora and established, undoubtedly, the World Panarcadian Confederation.

The inspiring and truthful speeches of Gregory Niotis, convinced even the most reluctant of Arcadians of Toronto in establishing of the Arcadian Village was now a reality. There were certainly those who, for various reasons, urged parties not to make advances for the purchase of homes, arguing that the site was rocky and that their money will be “eaten” by the then Greek government.
At a general meeting of the Panarcadian Federation of Canada held in Toronto, in the presence of Gregory Niotis, a three-member Commission was elected which comprised of people interested in buying property in the A.V.  The committee undertook the task to cooperate with the construction company that would undertake this pilot program, the respective ministries and the Prefecture of Arcadia on the coordination of the various actions required for implementation of this major project


Arcadian House

The Panarcadian Federation of Canada (P.F.C), for two great achievements, especially, can now freely be proud.


The acquisition of Arcadian home, at the heart of Danforth Avenue, in Toronto, and the establishment of Arcadian village in the beautiful peninsula of St Andreas in Repontinas of Kynourias, the “Arcadian Florida.”

If your interested in finding out more,
or using our facilities and/or partnering with the Panarcadian Federation of Canada please contact us at below.

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