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The Panarcadian Federation Canada (P.O.K) did not always have the name and the current identity that it is working under today. Its roots are in the Panarcadian Federation of America and Canada (Panarcadian Federation of America and Canada), based in the city of residence of its president. Elections of officials took place once a year as well as the conferences.

Both of these events were held in the United States of America, except that of the thirtieth National Conference (30th National Convention) held in Toronto, Canada from 12 to 17 July 1961. Certainly, representatives of the few, until then, Arcadian associations in Canada were accustomed to going to the U.S. for participation in Board meetings and regular and special meetings of P.O.A.K.  Also, several Arcadians from Canada attended the annual conferences.

Over the years, a climate of segregation was cultivated between the “Arcadian-Canadian ‘clubs and the P.O.A.K. This action was reasonable and necessary, due to that the members were Arcadians who lived in different countries, but also because of the difference in mind set of the old and new attitudes and behaviors stemming from differences in immigration tradition from Arcadia to the U.S. and that of the Arcadians of Canada, which occurs, in part, even today.

Already, from September 23, 1959 an Arcadian association was established in Toronto under the name “KOLOKOTRONIS” of P.O.A.K., and the same had been done with the association “TRIPOLIS” of London, Ontairio as well as the “Panarcadian BROTHERHOOD ” of Montreal.

With the initiative of the late Stylianou (Steve) Giouroukos, who lived in London, Ontario and came from the village of Garea, Tegea, an official Charter was administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada which allowed the establishment of an Arcadian Association in Canada with the name, Canadian Arcadian Association (C.A.A).

This Charter was the basis of the first Official Arcadian Agency in Canada.

The first three Arcadian chapters that encompassed the C.A.A and began operating under its auspices were the following:

1) “TRIPOLIS” (London), with a number of Division 1 (chapter 1)

 2) The “Panarcadian Brotherhood” of Montreal, with a number of Division 2           (chapter2)

3) “KOLOKOTRONIS” of Toronto, with a number of Division 3 (chapter3).


Following the example of these pioneering chapters of the organized Arcadian world in Canada, like mushrooms, new Arcadian clubs started to arise, with a not inconsiderable number of 35 members. There were times when on the weekends you did not know to what Arcadian event to attend, as there were two or three or even four events occurring on the same night.


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