In the preface we talked to two remarkable achievements pou always th’apoteloun station in the annals of Canada Panarcadian Federation, that the Arcadian House and the Arcadian Village.

The following were the painful steps needed to P.O.K n’anevei n’apoktisei for what the heart of Danforth Avenue, Toronto, not only the Arcadians but all Greeks, today boast. The achievement is due, of course, the desire of the Arcadians and contribution of those who, apart from family and professional care, and care for society, especially one that is inextricably linked to their ancestral roots, the little society of their village , where for the first time but felt the beauty AND sorrows of life. Certainly, it was small and the help of friends of the Arcadians, as there was scant and gennaiodopia the Canadian Government.

We can not say that all the Arcadian sylogoi maintain a positive attitude towards the acquisition of Arcadian Property in Toronto. Among them were some leaders of the Association << >> Kolokotronis is one of the oldest and historically P.O.K members and founding member of the Canadian Arcadian League (1963). The Association shall, before the formation of various Arcadian Club, then say that the Arcadians and the Toronto area were organized into ethnotopikous syllongous, had become the umbrella << >> Arcadians of Toronto and, unsurprisingly, the determinative role. But later, with the appearance of not a few Arcadian associations, the role of Kolokotronis >> << slacks began, without this meaning that the Arcadians, who for many years were members, he kept afcharistes memories do not come in individual events of.